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US Arctic Waterbody Names

USGS Geospatial Data
  • Added 24 Aug 2018

Names of waterbodies including bays, straits, channels, sounds, lakes and ponds.

This layer is a component of US Arctic SDI WMS.

The ArcticSDI_US WMS service provides the United States portion of the basemap for the Arctic Spatial Data Infrastructure (ArctiCSDI, This service follows the specifications set out by the Geoportal Working Group.

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Technical Details

Layer ID 95800
Data type Vector multipolygon
Feature count 240156
Attributes scc, FACC_Featu, HYDROGM020, GM_LAYER, Tidal_Non, AREA, Material_C, STATE_FIPS, Spring_Wel, tid, Hydrologic, exs, vrr, GM_TYPE, Certainty, mcc, Shape_Length, FEATURE, Highest_Z, zv2, PERIMETER, LAYER, hyc, f_code, NAME, Vertical_R, NAME_UC, STATE, cod, Existence
Services Vector Query API

Added 24 Aug 2018 ago
Last checked 24 Aug 2018 ago
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