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  • Added 24 Aug 2018

Minor residential streets.

This layer is a component of US Arctic SDI WMS.

The ArcticSDI_US WMS service provides the United States portion of the basemap for the Arctic Spatial Data Infrastructure (ArctiCSDI, This service follows the specifications set out by the Geoportal Working Group.

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Technical Details

Layer ID 95806
Data type Vector linestring
Feature count 24249
Attributes TNMFRC, Source_Originator, Source_DataDesc, US_Route, LoadDate, Full_Street_Name, MTFCC_Code, Federal_Lands_Route, Interstate, StCo_FIPSCode, SHAPE_Length, State_Route_A, State_Route_C, State_Route_B, County_Route, Permanent_Identifier, Interstate_A, Interstate_B, Interstate_C, State_Route, Source_FeatureID, Source_DatasetID, US_Route_A, US_Route_C, US_Route_B
Services Vector Query API

Added 24 Aug 2018 ago
Last checked 24 Aug 2018 ago
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